It’s approaching the final quarter of 2021.  If the inhabitants on this planet do not raise their consciousness will be riding around still utilizing roads and bridges and the rest of us in the flying cars like the Jetsons. Those who know have the ability to assist in the awakening of this earth and help its people stand up for their rights, by raising their consciousness. The resisters may never awaken, which would be only their problem not of those who came here to awaken them so that they could just be happy and be in service to others.  You all have the ability to do this so that “Poof” your Jetson lifestyle would be available right in front of you, but not if you shun those who are trying to help you advance in your consciousness, not if you won’t listen because your schooling got in the way of you education.  I am one of those and the best advice that can be giving at this moment to those students is forget everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you learned as you have been lied to since day one!  Don’t be afraid, find someone who thinks differently than you have been taught and you will see how quickly you will be able to achieve the level of consciousness that is needed to advance yourself to where you belong.
(oh yeah, proper grammar and English is also a program created from school so this is why I have avoided any of it here!)
Do you believe there is more to life than just be born, school, work, pay taxes and die?  Then you better wake up soon or those of us who do will move on to the 5D and the rest of you can live out your days in the paying taxes, workin for the man, struggling, stressing and never getting ahead.  For once in your life, stand up for yourself and your freedom for your health, and well being as a sovereign people of this planet! Love yourself and when you do, you will exude love, changing the planet we live on for the better… forever!