A Quantum Healing is an energy-based, non-invasive method of healing that utilizes the harmonizing 432Hz sound vibration along with the energy from the various energy portals within the Salt Therapy Cave. It operates on a quantum level which allows the etheric body to separate allowing the physical body to heal or reset energies that do not align properly.
Many often feel as they lay on the table that they are floating or feel negative energies leaving their body during these sessions.

These quantum healing sessions do not require a belief to help the client. Only their presence in the space.  They will begin to relax the moment the session begins.  Lori may also include in some sessions, Applied Kinesiology techniques to allow the client to feel more comfortable if the client has any active issues with lying on the table.

No special clothing is needed.  You may wear comfortable clothing, so that you will feel as relaxed to fully enjoy the release of the unwanted energies and frequencies that have been making you feel tired, irritable and anxious.

Quantum healing returns you to an optimal state of balance that transforms your body, mind, and soul in a multitude of ways.  This transformation can be calculated with a before and after Biowell Wellness Assessment (additional cost) to show physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually how the body responds to the Quantum Healing session. You will receive a electronic document showing the comparison between the beginning and the ending session, along with an audio file to listen to for realigning your chakras based just on your own body.

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