In the early 2000’s,  Lori Belché had a radio show which was known as “Enlightenings with Lori Belché”.  Was the most popular psychic radio show in the area.  The phones were lit up with listeners wanting to know what was going to happen for them or asking if their loved ones were around.  Once she ended her radio show due to her busy schedule and the bustle of having young children at the time, she took a break from reading & energy work to spend more time with family.
As their children became older, Lori decided to leave her part time job, still keeping her full time job, which she has still, to create a shop.  She had always wanted a shop of her own, ever since she could remember.

In 2017, that dream came true. Enlightenings brick and mortar shop had a 5yr run in Somerset, MA. We closed in the Somerset, MA location on August 31, 2022. This however does not mean the end of Enlightenings.  This is merely a transition to something more exciting for us.  It may take a bit as there is a lot to do.  When we have news we will let you all know first who are visitors of our website and belong to our newsletter. 
In the meantime, you may see us do LIVE or pre-recorded shows our social media or other video services, as well as community television.
Just know, we have much to be grateful for, including all of you!