Enlightenings is an alternative, holistic service.  

At Enlightenings you will find alternative ways to heal your physical body, clear your auric/aetheric field, awaken your consciousness, expand your knowledge and find information that help you relax and feel healthy and refreshed!
We assist you by opening up your consciousness to knowledge, because we know that the truth will set you free, no matter what subject you are searching for.
We offer online remote holistic services such as quantum healing, reiki, reconnection, intuitive readings, applied kinesiology.  If someone is interested in an in-person healing session* please contact us so we can let you know what it would entail.  

Current places to find us on social media

Telegram: https://t.me/enlightenedtalks
Facebook: https://facebook.com/enlightenings
Rumble:   https://rumble.com/user/enlightenings
Locals:     https://enlightenedtalks.locals.com Free
                  https://enlightenedtalks.locals.com/support Paid Members help what we do.