Essential Oils & Soaps

Stop spending 3 times more for Essential Oils!

Purchase Essential Oils & Fragrances Direct!
Spending $15, $20 or $30 for a single bottle? You are paying too much!

You will LOVE our detergent-free, hypoallergenic, Shea Butter and Goat’s Milk Soaps at a hefty 8 oz bar! They are made the old-fashioned way of hot processing.

Area’s Largest Incense Selection

Shoyeido Incense from Japan a 1,400 year tradition comes to Enlightenings!

Divination Tools

Take a Class on Reading Tarot or Dowsing with Pendulams @ Enlightenings!

Huge Selection of Tarot Decks
Many Shapes, Sizes and Formulations of Pendulums @ Enlightenings

LOCAL CBD Infused Organic Products – Edibles, Soothing Salves, Lotions, Dog Treats & Massage Oils from multiple local vendors!

Enlightenings has become a CBD SUPER STORE!

These amazing CBD product lines includes CBD Edibles, Dog Treats, Salves, Lip Balm, Bath Salts plus CBD Infused Lotions and Massage Oils. You may have only heard about the amazing stories shared from those who have used CBD Infused products but could never find WHERE to get these CBD Infused products. Well now you do! Enlightenings in Somerset, MA now carries amazing CBD product lines.

CBD Dog Treats Now @ Enlightenings!

Our Activated* Products are looking for a good home! Some examples:Salt Therapy Lamps
Visit the area’s widest assortment of Himalayan Salt Lamps.




Quartz Crystal singing bowls-432 HzSwing with our vast supply of pendulums and sing songs of angels from our quartz crystal singing bowls. Try before you buy in our playful Paranormal Playground


Essential Oil Diffusers for the car, Pendants to wear!

Visit and experience our fifty-three degree Pyramid activated crystal and minerals display. Sensitive to energy? Try standing near Pyramid and tell us what you feel.

Crystals and Minerals


Our goal remains the same: offering better products for many times less than our competition is good business and good Karma!

*Activated: Best word to describe what happens to visitors and the products they purchase at Enlightenings – Activated. Anecdotal evidence only, wishful thinking perhaps. However, more and more people are telling us magical stories that begin with: “Since your store opened…” and “After I left your store, the next day…” Have a story? Let us know! Enlightenings, A Place Like None Other.