#1  Consciousness

The frequency of consciousness supports our ability to focus our attention on all the multi dimensional aspects that show up, so we can include them in our reality.

Try this:

Take a moment to go inside and mentally scan your body. Notice the physical sensations you feel. Tune in to your heart, how do you feel emotionally? Now move your awareness away from your body. Can you feel the space around your body? Practice moving your awareness from what goes on inside of you to what’s going on around you.

#2  Discernment

The frequency of discernment supports our ability to view the world and the people around us from a place of inner balance and detachment yet with compassion and wisdom.

Try this:

Take a moment to go inside to see how you feel. Are you centered? How do you view the world and others around you? Are you kind with your words and your actions? Do you trust your own perception or are you easily swayed by others input? Are you observing and listening to others without giving your opinion?

#3  Perception

The frequency of perception supports our natural curiosity, moving us beyond our comfort zone to find the edges of what we perceive as real and to take a good hard deep look at it.

Try this:

Close your eyes and think about where the edges of your comfort zone lies. Are you willing to try something new or do you prefer to stay in your familiar routines? When is the last time you did something completely out of your comfort zone? Go inside yourself and witness how your perception of reality can change just by changing your point of focus from the outer to the inner.

#4  Prosperity

The frequency of prosperity supports our feeling of well-being by allowing the inclusion of everything that makes our body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit sing. It invites us to express ourselves in joy and celebration of the abundance and riches that the universe provides.

Try this:

Take a moment to go inside and contemplate the prosperity in your life. Do you feel prosperous? How are you prosperous? What areas would you like to be more prosperous? Write down everything and everyone and riches your life, and notice how long your list really is!

#5  Transition

The frequency of transition supports our deep understanding of the ever-changing nature of existence in our lives, so we can learn to let go, surrender to the process, and allow transition to occur with ease and grace.

Try this:

Take a moment to look at the transition image. How do you flow with the transitions in your life? What transitions are you afraid of? Look at the last transition that you went through and remember the gifts that came because of it. What will your next transition be? Go outside and see how nature goes through a constant cycle of death and rebirth in order to continue life. Celebrate your transitions!

#6  Soul Time

The frequency of soul time asks us to allow the possibility of a new reality to emerge, one that embraces the concept that, while the corporeal body is mortal, the soul is timeless, limitless, and infinite.

Try this:

Close your eyes and contemplate for a moment your infinity as a soul. What is your soul’s curriculum? What circumstances and experiences have you created for yourself so you can evolve toward your highest expression? Are you including the messages that come to you through your dreams and your intuition? Keep a dream journal so you don’t miss a thing!